Jessie Yang
Jessie Yang
Personal Pronouns -jessie Dear all YEar 5B pupils, you may download these exercise  that i taught u all how to download in the last lesson. Please complete it before school open and any questions can mailbox to me.
These are the execise that i prepare for my next year students to do it during the school holidays. They can use their e-book to download the exercise.                                                                                                    
Jessie Yang
(A) Let Us talk about the things and the sounds they produce based on the picture.

Listening to the sound.
sound of train choo, choo, choo......
sound of car Vroom,vroom,vroom......
sound of bicycle kring, king, kring......
sound of whistle preet,preet,preet......

(B) Ask pupils to mimic the sounds that each instrument produces.Let pupils play  the instrument before they play the sound.


(B) Circle the things that make sound.


(C) Talk about the animals in the farm and the sounds they make.

Let us Sing along with this song

After the lesson: please take a look.......