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The quiet island of Langkawi with its explicit nature still is plunged in rustic beauty.The vast expanse of paddy fields bears witness to the fact that rice cultivation is the oldest surviving industry in Malaysia. The Rice Field Museum of Langkawi bears to the past days of the land.
The scare-crows, the buffaloes, and the birds that you can find here give you a picture of the simple rustic life when agriculture was the main profession of the people.
The Field of Burnt Rice
Located near the Langkawi Airport, the Field of Burnt Rice is a place that you would find in every map of Langkawi. The story as known is that the place was originally an old rice field. Datuk Karma Jaya in 1821 ordered the field to be burnt so that no paddy could go to the Siamese who were involved in a war with the people of Langkawi. Locals believe that during the heavy rains some amount of burnt rice come out of the ground.
Part of the  Rice
 the description of the history of agriculture development in the Malaysia in the form of engravings. it start from the primitive era to current modern era. Without proper and systematic agriculture system, they still can depend on fruits, hunting of animals in order to continue living.
 the existence of slavery amongst the  during those times  were not a hindrance for them to learn about and to familiarise themselves with  the agricultural system. A village would form a group and their families would open up new land to settle down and for cultivation, and develop agricultural tools and equipments in order to strive for a better conditions.
After independence the  development in agriculture technology was realised with more effective agricultural policy and greatly started to move forward towards achieving success.

View for the big drawing in the Rice Field Museum

 a view that show late evening
This accrylie painting  shows the panoramic view of agriculture in Kedah, the state that is famous  as the Rice Bowl of Malaysia. the painting shows the spectacular evening sun shining over a typical village as though giving a signal . This painting was drawn by 42 artists who painted spontaneously whilst undertaking  research on arts and local culture.

The Collage shows the historical living activities of farmers doing the jobs of land ploughing using buffaloes, land preparations  raking, planting of seedlings , harvesting, pounding and grinding of paddy grains.

Jessie Yang

I went for a trip with my student , and l had learn something new along the trip....just want to share with you all..
Galeria Perdana Museum
Location: Kilim, Mukim Air Hangat, Langkawi
Highlights: Over 2,500 exhibits are displayed.
How To Reach: One can easily reach here by hiring taxis, or by boarding buses from the island.

Feel the magnificence of the history and the culture of Langkawi from the beautiful museums that are located in Langkawi. The fine collection bears a true artistic testament of the art and the society of the contemporary period. The Galeria Perdana museum reflects a kaleidoscopic montage of the artistic expression of the people of Langkawi. The museum gifts one with a knowledge of the incredible- diversified culture of the land.
his gallery extends in 3 double-storey interconnected buildings. It showcases a remarkable collection of more than 2500 souvenirs, awards and gifts, which were received by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, and his wife, Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, from the world leaders during his tenure.

Dr. Mahathir proposed to keep these souvenirs on display because he believed that whatever he has got during the term was on the behalf of all the Malaysians. And the people of the country must have an access to them. These exhibits reflect the gestures of friendship from throughout the world. Through this exhibition, people will get an opportunity to appreciate the distinctiveness and assortment of various arts and cultures.
The counter that sells the tickets

Malaysia's Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Mahatir Mohamed and his wife Datin Seri Dr Hasmah Mohamad Ali.

Normal photo that you see?
Is a photo that create with rice

Horse Carriage
This is a gift from Argentina to Tun Dr Mahathir
Length :12 feet
Height: 6 feet
Width: 7 feet

Me with the Horse Carriage

A Thread Tapestry
A gift from the Prime Minister of the socialist Republic of Vietnam

A pair of silver sandal
A gift from Prime Minister of Tunisia
  Cutlery Set
A gift from JB Hotel, Bangkok , Thailand

Dools from Japan

1. Dolls from Russia
2. Dools from Japan
3. Dolls from Belanda

Dolls from Thailand

A pair of Wayang Kulit

1. Dolls with Mongolian National Dress
2. Dolls from Mongolian
3. Dolls from Japan
4. Dolls from Sarawak, Malaysia

A mirror

A drawing about his house

A phone from Samsung


  with the motocar with named  Comel 2

with the motocar with named  Comel 2
 The car that used by Tun Dr Mahathir

  F1 sport car also can see at here

the trishaw so big? is a cow carriage

Beautiful ceiling

 A trishaw

 The cars that keep in the museum

 a drawing that used the paper to create the photo