Jessie Yang
Introduction for this unit. Start with a game puzzle.Teacher can choose some of the pupils to solve the puzzle.

Where is my cat?

Where is the dog?

Slove the puzzle jigsaw puzzle game » free online jigsaw puzzles

 Section 1:Talk about the story.
1.     One day, Mei Mei saw a ____________ nearby the road.
2.  She picked up the __________ and brought it home.
3.  She bathed the _________ with shampoo.
4.  She fed the _________ with milk.
     She loved her _________ very much!

Section 2: Let's read and talk about it.

Section 3: PUpils talk about their  pets. And draw it in the exercise book. And write 3 sentences under the picture.

My pet is a ___________.
It is  _____________.
It eats ______________.

Section 4: Enjoy some funny video.

This car know how to peep in the toilet bowl. Sometime we had to train  too. 
After using the toilet we have to flash it because other people also need to use it.

This dog knowing to help his master to do the housework.
Do you help your mother in the house?
What can your pet do?

Share some pictures : Miss Jessie with her pet dogs
 Me and my lovely son-Mico
They are my family member too....
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