Jessie Yang
Introduction for this unit. Start with a game puzzle.Teacher can choose some of the pupils to solve the puzzle.

This unit is about the part of ours body.
Activity 1- Let's  learn some vocabulary of body.

Together, repeat and show where is the part on your body!
1. My head
2. My hair
3. My face
4. My eyes
5. My ears
6. My mouth
7. My teeth
8. My nose
9. My tongue
10. My cheeks
11. My chin
12. My shoulders

Activity 2- Let's  learn some simple sentences of body.

This is  my __________.

These are my __________.

Activity 3- Let's talk.

Activity 4- Let's  sing along( Head Shoulders Knee and Toes)
This version of the song are a bit slow,so can be used as beginning of learning the song.

Try on this .....lets dance together
 Let solve the problem:
 mouth , feet , leg , finger, eye,  face, ear , nose , hand , hair , head

Pupil's Works
Monitor in the class wear neatly, write neatly , colour with her heart......

She said this is her sister. Her sister is very beautiful because she has  long hair.
I am Javin Yeoh. I am handsome boy......

This girl is very hardworking and helpful. 
She likes this dress because it is a birthday present from her mother.

 Bek Sing Wei
She siad: Miss Jessie, Miss see my hair...
I said: Is nice....

 Cheng Pei Xin
I like to play badminton with Kingston Wong.

 Ong Yong Ying
I wear like this to Jovin Lew 's birthday party.

 Tok Evan
I am short but I am handsome boy.
 Goh Yong Xin
Am I pretty?
 Lee Onn Kei
This is my sister. She like to wear long pants.

 Leong Kai Sheng
 I am superman......I can fly.....

 Tai khai Wen
Haha, you cannot see my feet because I wear shoes.

 Bo Chang Heng
Miss JEssie: Why you hair like this?
CHang HEng: Because I put a lot of hair jel.

  Tan Jia Jun:
I am a boy.

 Toh Ai Wen
I am playing in the garden.

 Teoh Zi Xian
I wear this beautiful skirt to my ballet class.

 Calvin Goh Zhong Han
I am superman...

 Lim Dao Kuan
I wear this to attend tuition class.

 Ng Yik Hui
He is my brother, He is very tall. He likes to play basketball.

 BoZi Wei
She is my mother. Her hair is red in colour.

 Nurul Fahanah
This is me. I am Nurl Fahanah.

 Ban Jing Rou
Lalala..I like to sing.

LEong Kai Sheng
He is my friend. He is Tok Evan.

 Teo Kai Chern
After finish doing his work, he walked around the class ask everyone, is he handsome?

Fong Ee Hui
mmmm....i like this pink dress very much.

 Danial Nyia
He is my eldest brother.

 Danis Hakeem
During free time, my father like to bring me to playground to skate.

Loh Yun Yi
I like pink. So I colour my dress pink in colour.

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