Jessie Yang
Teacher's note
Begining of the lesson I teach pupils read the sentences. 
And add 2 sentences after the5th and 6th . 
The sentences are in the house, in the house.

( To the tune of "Are you sleeping") 
Teacher's note 
Teach the vocabulary based on the pictures

Teacher's note 
Read the simple sentences  in group

Activies in class:

Pupils sing the song:

Group: Nisa, Yong Suat Ying, Toh Ching Yi, Goh Yong Xin

performed by :
Nisa , Bek SIng Wei, Chang Kai Ling, Tai Khai Wen Javin YEoh, Lua CHin Seng, Daniel Nyia, Fodaai, Aiman

Performed by:
Lee Sheenee, Lew Jovin. Leong Kai Sheng, Fong Ee Hui, Bek SIng Wei
Chong Kai Ling, Tok Evan, Leong Shu Yi, Tai Khai Wen

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